Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dear YOU

Dear YOU,
If i actually had the opportunity to tell you some of whats on my mind. I'd tell you, my eyes water thinking about how good you make me feel just to be held.My lips rise forming a smile at random moments of the day thinking about every beautiful moment ive experienced. My heart beats faster than it should b/c i worry I'll never have you. My stomach gets all tied up in knots at the idea of you knowing i feel this way in the first place. My words are lost at trying to explain how this became as strong as it is. My brain aches because loving you stays on it. You think i want to constantly think about this,God be my witness, i dont! I cant control what I feel, i am only human. Understand this though, love is not a feeling. It is a verb; something i chose to DO! i chose to love you whether its reciprocated or not. I chose to love you whether you deserve it or not. I chose to love you, despite all my flaws that may stand in the way. I chose to love you despite some of yours that i just might not know about YET! Do you get it? I can tell myself time after time let go, BUT forcing this only makes it worse. I feel better as I write this. why? i challenge myself everyday to ignore every aspect of this situation, to give up! It is my heart that keeps hope! The heart that keeps pushing;fighting for life! Life that involves spending good times with you, showing you every word of 1 Corinthians 13 that i possibly can!The level of comfortability i feel with you, the laughs, the fact that you could say absolutely nothing and I'd still be happy within because of the mere existence of your being in my space!
I want to know every part of you, your strengths, your weaknesses. I yearn to know your souls desires. What you like and dislike, what makes you laugh and cry...favorite food?I hate cooking,but for you I will (lol) ...I want to understand you as a man and know what I can do to keep him happy. I am far from perfect;good intentions,bad decisions,but I am a better woman. Better than i was yesterday, if only you knew; aside from God,you are to partially thank for that. I could go on forever with this, but these are just some things. Some things i wish i could tell YOU; who ever you are.........

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  1. love ya blog!!! cant wait for the next post

    Charisma Chedza