Wednesday, April 6, 2011


"I have to write before i burst into tears"..those were the exact words that crossed my mind when i decided to start typing this. I havent wrote in months. Call it writers block or what ever the case may be, but i have had soo much on my mind lately, its like traffic up there;words just sitting with no room to move. Ive experienced death of those close to me, dissapointments, heartache etc. I still dont know how to properly get out exactly what it is i need to say, but my fingers are moving so I'll see where they take me.
I've learned so much about me, why I have done some things,why i havent done others, why i love the way i do, why im so strong willed, why and how ive matured. im proud of me for some of the changes ive made. Im proud of what i have gained as an individual; as a woman period. Im still not where i need to be, but i thank God im not where i used to be.
Im going through a battle right now in going on with this...i know exactly back luvs:-)

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