Thursday, December 30, 2010

You're Not To Blame!

I don't hate you. I actually believe in you and everything that you stand for. I believe that you are patient. I believe that you are kind,that you do not keep record of wrong doings, that you do not boast; and anything else positive that comes along with you. Love, it is you that can turn my frown upside down. You bring the sunshine out after the rain. You make me smile at random moments of the day just thinking about your goodness. Love,it is you who can turn world hate into peace,bring together what has been separated, heal what has been wounded, fix what has been broken.
I apologize for those who say F*** love, love is for suckas, I'll never love again! I first and foremost apologize because I have too, angrily and bitterly spoken those words at one point of my life. Then I realized! Love it is not you who we should be mad at, it is not you who we should shut out of our lives. Love does not hurt,cheat,lie, and BS us: PEOPLE do! Female and male, neither are different; she plays the games just as well as he does. So what does that mean?
According to the calculations that both my heart and mind are currently making at this moment, it means we need to stop shutting out love and learn to shut out those people! I don't say this with the intentions of telling you to blame EVERY man or woman that comes in your life for the hurt you've previously been through,no not at all! Just the ones who did it:-) No seriously, it is not Love's fault neither is it the next person who walks into your life that you've been hurt along the way. Healing takes time,this I understand,but that doesn't mean that what we once lost in one cannot be restored in another.
Before it is thought that I'm just being another emotional female rambling on about love and all types of mushy things to say, understand my point. Love is powerful; when done the right way! That's what we lack,loving the way love was intended. People say I love you and then turn to perform all the actions that display anything, but those words! In conclusion people are bamboozled to believe that love should and is what hurts because those were the words used during the course of those actions.
Well i know the truth! So I end this to love, knowing that you would never intentionally hurt me,tear me down,degrade or use me. Love I have the understanding that you are NOT the butterfly feeling i get in my stomach when I am around him,but you are a verb; ACTION! Love when you feel like it and when you don't. Love truly and freely! Love genuinely!Love boldy!
To EVERY family member,close friend,special someone; I LOVE YOU!
Tiana Tare'

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  1. Good Post!! this is so true...we always tend to blame being in love with hurt when it's that persons actions. Some people don't know what love really is, they think it's that butterfly feeling and that's why they end up hurting others because once that euphoric feeling fades away they don't know what to do.